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Tips Before Your Tour

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If you must take a taxi, then it would be best if you asked the reception/ concierge of your hotel to get you one. They have certain assigned taxis that they know very well, and deal with on a daily basis If you want to tour a site on your own, you have to be aware of where you...

Arabic Phrases

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Arabic Language: Arabic language is spoken by over 200 million people in almost 22 countries. Arabic speakers are mainly concentrated in the Middle East in an area expanding from the Arabian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean. Arabic is the Language of Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, so...

Visa Information

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General Regulations Non-Egyptian visitors arriving in Egypt are required to be in possession of a minimum 6 months valid passport. Entry visas may be obtained from Egyptian Diplomatic and Consular Missions abroad or from the Entry Visa Department at the Travel Documents,...

Embassies in Cairo

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  Country Address Telephone Fax ALBANIA 29, Ismail Mohamed St., Zamalek 33415651-33411064 33413732 ALGERIA 14, Brazil St., Zamalek 33418527-33402466 33414158 ANGOLA 12, Fouad Mohy El DIn Sq., Mohandessin 3337602-33498259 33378683 ARGENTINA 8, El Saleh Ayoub St., Apt. 1,...